Roland VT-1 Voice Changer Mixer Board

The VT-1 can provide everything from a slight detuning, for voice "thickening," to a full +1 octave pitch shift, enabling one person to sing a duet with themselves. And unlike tape speed adjustments or conventional pitch shifters, the VT-1 affords separate control of pitch and formant, thus providing an even greater variety in voice characters. By adjusting formant, the pitch of the users voice can be altered without the "chipmunk" effect. There is also a feature specifically to designed to produce "robot-like" talking.

Large sliders for pitch, formant, effect balance and reverb control provide simple and complete control over all voice shaping. Four preset locations and four user memories are easily selectable from the front panel. Rear panel features include jacks for Input, Mic Out, Line Out and Remote, as well as an Input Level Knob.

BOSS is breaking new ground with the introduction of their VT-1 Voice Transformer. This unique device is specifically designed for altering and effecting the human voice or any audio source. People who will benefit from this specialized device include DJs, karaoke users, broadcasting stations and even home video users adding special effects to their original videos. The VT-1 will also prove especially useful for animation projects where a variety of voices may be required. Using the VT-1, a single person providing dialogue can create an ensemble cast of character voices.